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Many times organizations want to move forward with regard to new technology, but realize that they are not completely aware of what the current state of technology is within the organization. This is especially true with regard to law enforcement agencies. As we explain, "You can't know where you want to go until you know where you are". IT assessments provide the client with the understanding of where, with respect to technology, the organization stands. This understanding can therefore be used to determine how to move forward utilizing new technology, while still being cost effective. We never recommend expending resources and money just to buy the "latest and greatest" as this may be counter productive.

When brought on board to perform a technology assessment, the eFederal Systems team has a proven approach to performing successful assessments. We begin with meeting the stakeholders to, not only understand where technology fits in within the organization, but also their vision for the future. The interview process is repeated at successively lower levels, peeling back the onion, so to speak. At the same time, one-on-one, and groups interviews are conducted to understand what the "troops on the ground" think. Additionally, anonymous surveys are performed to get an unvarnished series of inputs, understanding the fundamentals: what works, what does not work, and what new technology would make the organization more efficient and productive.

Once all the pertinent information is gathered, the current "state" of technology is documented and a series of recommendations based on the assessment is made providing the client with an "as is" state of technology and recommendations for future technology enhancements.

LED Lighting

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eFederal provides turn key solutions to commercial clients and government agencies. Although this is our primary job, one that we do efficiently and cost effectively, if you have in house personnel who can perform the work we are happy to supply the hardware and products at great pricing.

If you are interested in LED Lighting for your facility let us provide you with a free audit LED Lighting. If you are interested in Energy Optimization for your entire facility let us provide you with a free audit Energy Optimization.

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