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eFederal Systems, has participated in the development of a number of Enterprise Architectures for different federal and state agencies. We recently helped develop the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) which crossed multiple federal and agencies and state law enforcement agencies in support of the Intellence Reform and Preventions of Terrorism Act (IRPTA). Upon completion of the EAF, eFederal personnel co-authored the ISE Profile and Architecture Implementation Strategy (PAIS).

eFederal Systems personnel know and understand how to develop an overarching architecture, by understanding the needs of the cross agency and inter-agency participants. We understand that a consensus is required and working in a team environment is paramount to a successful architecture design and ultimate implementation.

LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting can save you up to 65% on your monthly power bills.

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eFederal provides turn key solutions to commercial clients and government agencies. Although this is our primary job, one that we do efficiently and cost effectively, if you have in house personnel who can perform the work we are happy to supply the hardware and products at great pricing.

If you are interested in LED Lighting for your facility let us provide you with a free audit LED Lighting. If you are interested in Energy Optimization for your entire facility let us provide you with a free audit Energy Optimization.

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