Application Development

As the chart shows the development process is an iterative process. To produce a successful product or system, on time and on budget that meets the needs of the customer, more time must be spent in the beginning to ensure that the project is base-lined and that the requirements are defined in such a manner that they are unambiguous and definitive. It is a well understood axiom that finding a problem in the requirements phase is much less costly than finding and fixing that same problem in the later stages of development by orders of magnitude. If a problem costs $1.00 to fix in the requirements definition phase, that same problem will cost $10.00 to fix in the high level design phase and $100.00 to fix in the detailed design phase, and so on. The cost to fix in each subsequent phase increases by an order of magnitude.

Our developers have an in depth understanding of this process and realize that spending the appropriate period of time in the requirements definition and high level design phases ultimately leads to a successful implementation.

LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting can save you up to 65% on your monthly power bills.

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eFederal provides turn key solutions to commercial clients and government agencies. Although this is our primary job, one that we do efficiently and cost effectively, if you have in house personnel who can perform the work we are happy to supply the hardware and products at great pricing.

If you are interested in LED Lighting for your facility let us provide you with a free audit LED Lighting. If you are interested in Energy Optimization for your entire facility let us provide you with a free audit Energy Optimization.

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